Youth Art Workshops with Little Haiti Cultural Center at Yeelen Gallery during Art Basel Week Miami - The Stitch Effect
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Youth Art Workshops with Little Haiti Cultural Center at Yeelen Gallery during Art Basel Week Miami

December 2014, during Art Basel Week Miami, The Foundation for Art In Motion (AIM) in collaboration with the Little Haiti Cultural Center (LHCC), conducted street art, graffiti art and paper cutting workshops at Yeelen Gallery in Little Haiti. Led by Italian born visual artist and illustrator, Marco Gallotta, and graffiti artist, The Me Nobody Knows “TMNK”, the program’s mission was to inspire and empower local youth to become creative agents and to immerse the cultures of the NYC Urban Arts Scene with the creative arts the youth are learning at LHCC. Additionally, this initiative was meant to give a voice to the youth of Little Haiti during Art Basel Week and to create an atmosphere of inclusion and collaboration.




“It’s the end of the day. Now, reflecting on it, I can say that it was pretty fun being a kid for 2 or 3 hours of the day. Just having fun and painting, expressing yourself on paper.”

-David Woodward

Project Participant (PATH to Hip-Hop)



About Art in Motion (AIM)

At AIM, our mission is simple: To inspire, uplift and strengthen local communities by cultivating their children through the arts. We do this by working with local communities worldwide and providing their  children with creative programming that focuses on education and empowerment. Through our sustained programmatic support, we give children confidence-building tools to ignite their souls, nurture their spirits, and give voice to their dreams. Our mission is simple, our actions are global.


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About LHCC

LHCC offers a unique opportunity for residents and visitors to gain exposure to Afro-Caribbean culture, entertain and develop a new talent, and expand theirknowledge of

the arts. We are committed to providing activities for the community that promotes imagination, creativity, and positive experiences for children and adults throughout the year.

“The mission of LHCC is to provide a space that brings together people and ideas to promote, showcase and support Afro-Caribbean culture in South Florida.”



*We are thankful to our esteemed event sponsors NOIZY Brands and Vita Coco for their involvement in the art workshops for our youth.