IT’S BETTER TO BE NOIZY - The Stitch Effect
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A recent interview with Award Winning Noizy Brands Creator, Jerry Chu A. L. RobertsA. L. ROBERTS


In times where opportunity is just as abundant as the number of brands being created, there’s one thing that’s for sure–its better to be noizy. Noizy Brands, creator the newest and freshest headphones, that is. Making quite a name for themselves amongst the vast world of consumer electronics, Noizy Brands gives the audiophile a cooler, less restricting way to enjoy sound at a very high quality. Who wouldn’t love that? I know we at WBM are loving them.


WBM: Everything’s all in a name, how did NOIZY BRANDS arrive at what it’s called today?

NOIZY BRANDS knew that to be recognized in the big world of consumer electronics, we had to be disruptive from the start, as well as, have a name that means exactly what we set out to be. Audio is all about high fidelity sound quality. While we definitely deliver great sound quality, our name is a total contradiction and that gets us noticed! Quite often, the first words out of people’s mouths are “Oh my god, I LOVE THE NAME”.



WBM: How did the brand get its start?

We love the space of Audio and Bluetooth and decided to enter the category and carve out our own space. The big companies don’t focus on the details and that is what we are doing. We are not making TV’s and gaming consoles, etc, we are simply making Bluetooth products designed with style. We were talking to other audio companies and they just were not interested in going in the direction that we wanted to pursue or suggested, so following in the footsteps of our great entrepreneurs, like Victor Kiam, we just decided to do it ourselves. We loved it so much that we wanted to make our own branded company, NOIZY BRANDS.



WBM: What made NOIZY BRANDS choose bluetooth technology over the traditional plug-in for its headphones?

Jerry: The world has become mobile and everyone wants freedom with their mobile phones. So, why limit your freedom and be connected with wired headphones? With NOIZY, we are able to go anywhere and do anything since we essentially have a computer in our pocket. What we wanted to do is create products that would Re-establish that freedom for people. Let them go work out, let them do anything they want without being tethered to their phones. You can place your phone down or put it in their pocket and enjoy music on the go. Hence our tagline “DESIGNED TO MOVE”.



WBM: Why is NOIZY so important to the industry?

Jerry: Bluetooth for the consumer has been around for about 15 years, but the reality is smart phones only began to catch on in the last three or four years and most people actually still don’t know what Bluetooth is and all of its full capabilities. About 90% of our customers did not even know that you could get Bluetooth headphones with stereo until we introduced them to NOIZY. Therefore, we believe, we’re starting from ground up where we are educating the consumer to the subject of Bluetooth. We have “How-To/Tutorial” Videos online that show you how to use Bluetooth, “How to Sync” it up with their phone. We want to provide value to our customer through a knowledge base. There is so much to learn about all the gadgets we have that we took on the challenge of making at least one thing simpler to understand.



WBM: How have the fans responded to your product?

Jerry: NOIZY BRANDS has recently won the 2014 Red Dot Design Award for our Product Design and we are humbled by it. We have also received a lot of positive feedback from our customers and some have also become unpaid ambassadors in all the right spaces of Music, Sport, Fitness and Wellness Space. Our roster list includes fitness pros, athletes; extreme sports enthusiasts, dancers and even former WWE Wrestler, Maven Huffman. We have pretty tough skin and since this is our first product, we have been open to receiving any and all feedback. We will simply get better.



WBM: How great is it knowing that your efforts are impacting the world in a positive way?

Jerry: We feel it’s a little too early to tell at this stage. However, the customers that we do have, have been appreciative that a product like ours exists. NOIZY is a stylish tech product that looks fashionable and not like a gadget. And more importantly, is light weight and can connect to (2) devices at the same time. Such as your laptop and your cell phone.



WBM: In what direction do you see the company heading in next?

Jerry: We want to continue educating customers out there about our NOIZY Bluetooth product and continue expanding our lineup with additional wireless products. Stay tuned for what we have in store.



WBM: In short, is there anything aspiring entrepreneurs should keep in mind when
starting a business?

Jerry: Don’t take no for an answer! Never give up on your dreams and keep on moving forward. Write your ideas down and make a plan. As an entrepreneur, if you’re not feeling pressure then you’re probably not making any progress.