Three Olives - The Stitch Effect
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Three Olives

Branding, Strategy
About This Project

Brand Management, Advertising & Communications

Proximo’s portfolio of premium spirits consists of world class brands across a number of different categories. Since its launch, the brand has grown to offer over 20 bold and intense flavors! Three Olives is the fastest growing super-premium vodka brand with a full range of delicious flavors resulting in endless cocktail creations.


In 2012, Three Olives launched with a new flavor and tasked us with bringing it to life; to their sales team, distributors and consumers. We illustrated the personality of their new flavor S’mores Vodka through a series of sales videos and commercials.


The success of Three Olive’s S’mores launch campaign solidified our relationship with our client. We have supported them on other brand launches, marketing & commercials assets for internal sales team and direct to market. Proximo’s portfolio brands include: Jose Cuervo, Hangar One Vodka and Kraken Rum.