Maddalone Wall of Success - The Stitch Effect
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Maddalone Wall of Success

The wall is designed to recognize the entrepreneurial success of Siena alumni and inspire current students

The Maddalone Entrepreneur Wall of Success, made possible through the generous support of Guy Maddalone ’89, founder and CEO of GTM Payroll Services, is spearheaded by and located at the Stack Center. It displays the logos of companies launched by Siena graduates, with an inaugural class featuring more than 30 firms in fields ranging from high tech to traditional.

Located both inside and outside the Stack Center, as well as online, the wall will grow to showcase additional companies in the future. It is designed to provide a highly visible platform to highlight Siena graduates who have successfully launched their own businesses, and to inspire students by letting them know that they can follow in the footsteps of those who have gone before them.

Maddalone Entrepreneur Wall of Success at Siena’s Stack Center: The Inaugural Class of Companies