In fact, music can help us power through and move in ways we never thought we could. Creating the right playlist can be as important as the workout itself in motivating us to power through the next set. However, traditional wired headphones can sometimes restrict natural movement. It’s important that you have wireless earbuds that continue playing music and stay in your ears in your ears without getting tangled up when doing burpees or jumping rope.

Jerry Chu, Founder of NOIZY Brands says, “You are designed to move and that’s why I created NOIZY. The world has become mobile and everyone wants to move about freely. So, why limit your freedom and be connected with wired headphones.”

Thoughtfully created with fitness enthusiasts and athletes in mind, NOIZY Brands Earbuds have great audio performance, and have a lightweight and comfortable custom fit with Comply foam ear tips. Additionally, NOIZY Brands is a Red-dot award winner for their earbud design and packaging. NOIZY Kameleon earbuds allow you to move freely, as there is just one small wire that wraps behind your neck to connect the two earbuds.
If that’s not enough, the buds have the following features:
Multi-point pairing, noise cancelling, built in mic, crisp sound quality and also includes multiple sized ear bud tips.


Additional specs:

4.5 hours talk time
2 hours of charge time
33 feet wireless range

2. NOIZY’S Kamelon Wireless Speakers:

Also part of NOIZY Brand’s Kameleon series is the NOIZY wireless speaker, that’s great for outdoor use. If you are a cyclist, it has a bike holder option. The speaker is also dust proof, water-resistant and beach ready.


Additional specs:
10 hours of music play time
3 hours charge time
33 feet wireless range