Beauty for Freedom - The Stitch Effect
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Beauty for Freedom

Activations, Branding, Product, Strategy
About This Project

Brand Management & Communications

Jerry believes that Freedom is a Human Right and it is our duty and responsibility to level the playing field for everyone to be free. I’ve made it my mission to contribute my time, experience and resources in order to raise awareness through advertising while teaching creative workshops to survivors and youth in USA and Internationally and fundraising and speaking at universities about the social impact the next generation can make.


Beauty for Freedom 501(c)(3) is an anti-trafficking non-profit that raises awareness, funds and teaches creative workshops in the US and Abroad. Our organization has served over 2,000+ survivors and at-risk youth globally through our creative arts and empowerment initiatives such as job readiness.


Our Art Therapy Program is dedicated to helping trauma survivors through the creative process. Beauty for Freedom is one of a few organizations in New York City dedicated solely to providing Art Therapy at No Cost to survivors of trafficking & at-risk youth who have experienced trauma. Since 2014, our community of donors & fundraising efforts have helped us Donate Over $275K in art supplies, musical instruments, photography equipment, sewing materials and self-care items to our non-profit partners globally who focus on rescue, recovery & reintegration.


Beauty for Freedom’s mission is to empower the individuals we work with to call themselves exhibited artists after we exhibit, help sell and publicize their work globally. Our programs have been acknowledged by the U.S. Department of State 2018 TIP Report.