2014 Red Dot Design Award Winner: NOIZY is Designed to Move. - The Stitch Effect
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2014 Red Dot Design Award Winner: NOIZY is Designed to Move.

We are the Knot-Killers of tangled headphones. By shaving seconds off from untangling wires, we’re getting your #SWAG back. NOIZY is all about CONVENIENCE, COMFORT and STYLE. Everything you do is premeditated. From the shirt you wear with that hat, down to the plaid sox and kicks. So, the last thing you want to do is settle for tangled headphones as you take them out of your pocket while you head to work, gym and take on the world. You move pretty fast and the world is meant to keep up. NOIZY is for you. Designed for you in mind. NOIZY is Designed to Move. Our Philosophy is if there is a need and a void in the market, we will strive to solve it around our lifestyle. NOIZY has designed and developed the New Generation of Bluetooth Earbuds with ease-of-use and comfort in mind.


Source: http://red-dot-21.com/brand/noizy-brands-llc/